Belize trip 2005: Snorkelling around Glover's Reef Atoll

Glover's Reef Atoll has hundreds of small patch reefs inside, and very good coral growing outside. We went snorkelling from shore on Southwest Cay, after short kayak trips into the atoll, from the kayaks outside the atoll, and from shore at the marine research station on Middle Cay.

I had bought an underwater housing for my camera on Ebay. I have mixed feelings about underwater photos: they never look nearly as good as the real thing unless you have fantastic lighting, equipment, and luck. Most of my photos ended up being fairly boring blue blurs.

Middle Cay Fish under the dock at Middle Cay.
Middle Cay Tube coral near Middle Cay.
Middle Cay Coral near Middle Cay.
Middle Cay On the dock at Middle Cay, after lunch. From left: Duncan, Lorett, Amanda, Linda, Jamie, Jack, Lindsay, Mike.
Amanda Amanda snorkelling outside the atoll.
Duncan Duncan snorkelling outside the atoll.
Duncan A nurse shark sleeping in a cave.
Kayaks Try not to hit your head coming up!
Eagle ray A spotted eagle ray.
trunkfish A trunkfish.
Duncan Duncan just after his morning swim.

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