Anivac Vacuum Bathing System

Amanda won this Anivac Lynx system at the 2006 Can-Am Equine Emporium in London Ontario. She placed first in the Equimania Quiz Challenge.

NEWS FLASH: Amanda won the Equimania quiz again in 2007! Not sure what she'll do with her second Anivac...

Anivac is a wet-dry vacuum system for cleaning and grooming horses or dogs. See a video of cleaning a dog on the Anivac company web page.

"Our patented design overcomes the natural resistance of animal hair to the penetration of moisture by utilizing nozzles that probe into the coat and onto the skin, after which the pressurized cleansing fluids are sprayed. The spray action washes the skin of the animal first, and then washes the animal's coat as the solution is being vacuumed up by the wand. "

This unit includes:

Here is an image of the whole Anivac:

Here is a close-up of the two nozzles.

The large one directs the shampoo through six metal nozzles to get it close to the skin. There is a trigger to start and stop the flow.

The small one sprays the shampoo out of the single yellow sprayer. It has a short brush on the end around the vacuum intake.

This is a very well-constructed and durable machine.