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Duncan Murdoch is a Professor of statistics at the University of Western Ontario in Canada; click here for information on his professional work.


Duncan Murdoch He says: This page is for my after-hours work: I am also an amateur (and sometimes professional) programmer, and have written a large number of freeware and shareware programs. I tend to write programs for my own use first; if I think other people might like them, then I'll polish them up a bit and either give them away or sell them.

The picture on the left is from a trip I took to Belize in 2002. I went again several times; I recommend it!


Some useful Windows information

How to maintain multiple network configurations under Windows XP.

A bug in Microsoft critical update KB835732 for Windows XP means HOMEPATH is sometimes not set.

Some instructions for setting up a connection from Windows XP to a MySQL database using ODBC over an ssh tunnel.

How to display a window in an MDI application.

How to set up a Subversion client on Windows using SSH access

How to set up a Subversion server for SSH access

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